Active Living Center


The Active Living Center at the Andover/N. Andover YMCA is a one-of-a kind resource when it comes to promoting health and wellness for older adults. Provided through a generous donation from the Wood Family Trust, the Center consists of a trained staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and specialized services to ensure older adults have access to the very best resources to promote a healthy lifestyle.

An active lifestyle is the single best strategy to help us stay more independent as we age, giving us the physical capacity do the things that are important to us.  It can help us get stronger; improve balance; feel more energized; prevent disability; and prevent or control chronic health problems like arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Not just physical health, experts believe that an active body promotes an active mind: exercise improves memory, mental alertness, mood, and feelings of well-being. 

The specially trained and caring staff of the Active Living Center offer a variety of tailored programs, activities, and service for older adults including:

        Individualized wellness evaluations and assessments to get you started safely                                        

        Guided programs to improve balance, strength and “functional” fitness

        Low impact group exercise classes including, gentle yoga and aquatics

        Specialty classes such line dancing and other fun forms of moving

        Special programs for arthritis and other chronic health conditions

        Blood pressure screening

        Progress reports sent to physicians and healthcare providers

        Special seminars and events on a variety of wellness topics

        Scheduled golf instruction from professional staff

        A social area for relaxing and catching up with friends

        On-site refreshments


Current Program Offerings and Schedule

Enhance Fitness

Moving for a Better Balance

Functional Fitness
Circuit Training


The Active Living Center is led by Susan McInnis, M.S., an experienced health and wellness professional with over 20 years as a successful business owner in corporate wellness, certified older adult exercise leader, group exercise instructor, yoga and Pilates instructor, and more.

Faculty and students from the Merrimack College Health Sciences program contribute programming expertise and personalized instruction as they skillfully support activities held at the Center.


The Active Living Center is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Program activities during these designated hours are tailored to active older adults.


The Active Living Center is offered free of charge to all members of the Merrimack Valley YMCA. Some special events may require a minimal fee but participation is optional.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact: Susan McInnis, M.S. at 978-685-3541 x113 or